Paratus Telecommunications South Africa, through its subsidiary Maxwell Technology, has partnered with Rain to provide a range of LTE products called Max-LTE.
Customers can expect affordable rates, with speeds of between 20Mbps and 50Mbps.
Wireless Business Solutions and its LTE-A network has been rebranded as Rain, it promises to provide consumers with increased connectivity at affordable prices. Thus far, Rain has rolled out 750 LTE-A sites and plans to roll out 2 000 sites by the end of the year.
Paratus Telecom South Africa managing director Kallie Carlsen says with these high quality products added to the Maxwell offering, customers in urban areas now have an alternative choice of provider or services.
“Max-LTE is a quick deployable alternative to FttH or even DSL services, it will be using Rain’s state-of-the art LTE-A network. There is an initial setup cost of R2 199 that includes the router and SIM,” he concludes.
The products range from R549 per month for the 55GB Wireless Basic, R799 for the 85GB Wireless Advanced ,R 999 for the 120GB Wireless Ultimate, to a wireless 330 GB for the data hungry users.
As part of the launch phase, Paratus will offer ‘Double the Data’ to all new Max-LTE-A customers. This deal will be available effective from 1 August 2017 until 30 November 2017.
Prices range from R549 for Wireless Basic 110GB to R999 for Wireless Ultimate 240GB.