Telkom is helping businesses to reduce their communication costs with the launch of Uncapped Internet Data and Unlimited on-net Voice for both local and long distance with an exceptional offnet call rate.
This includes Unlimited Calling from Telkom to Telkom & Telkom Mobile numbers, with a 50c call rate to offnet destinations and a 79c call rate to 12 predefined international fixed line destinations.
In addition, businesses will also receive the value-added benefits of CallAnswer, IdentiCall and WaitingCall as well as 1Gb/2Gb/3Gb Telkom Internet Mobile data (dependant on package), a 3G Dongle, DSL/Fibre Router and Always on Voice Failover on DSL.
“Businesses in South Africa want more affordable, high speed connections, and effective and efficient communication means to assist in accelerating the growth of their business,” says Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai. “Our Telkom Unlimited Business offering will provide both our existing and new customers with new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and e-commerce.
“We are reducing the cost to communicate and providing businesses with greater Internet access.
“Our recently launched Unlimited Home offering to fixed line customers gives South Africans the freedom they need to communicate conveniently and cost-effectively,” he adds.
“Unlimited Business extends our commitment of affordability to established and emerging businesses. We are at the forefront of reducing communication costs and Telkom has taken another big step to expand access together with high-speed internet which will contribute to sustainability of businesses, foster economic growth and job creation.”
The new pricing starts at R799 for Unlimited Business DSL or Fibre 4Mbps, moving to R899 for 8Mbps, R999 for 10Mbps, R1 099 for 20Mbps, R1 399 for 40Mbps and R1 799 for 100Mbps.
From yesterday (3 August 2017), existing Uncapped Internet customers benefit from double the speed or a reduced monthly subscription fee, with an average price reduction of 24% across all speeds.
For example; for only R1 more per month, current uncapped business customers can transition from 2Mbps Uncapped to 4Mbps Uncapped with “free unlimited Telkom calls” and a discounted fixed to mobile call rate as an additional benefit. Whilst the 10Mbps Uncapped customers will save R299 a month, and also enjoy the benefit of unlimited Telkom calls and the discounted fixed to mobile rate of R50c.
“The Unlimited Business plans entry level speeds will now be 4Mbps going up to 100Mbps on fibre,” Vitai says. “The service offers uncapped data, with day time priority on internet traffic as well as prioritised support. In addition signing up as a Telkom Business customer affords the business tax benefits.”