The local availability of Yealink’s CP960 IP conference phone for medium to large meeting rooms promises to enhance business audio conference call experiences and allow call participants to concentrate on the business at hand, rather than fretting about audio quality and dropped calls.
This is according to Alex Bantjes, product manager at Nology, the Platinum distributor of Yealink in South Africa.
Bantjes says: “The globalisation of the workplace means it is imperative for audio conference call participants in different parts of a country, or even across the globe, to be able to get down to business on a conference call, without having to endure the distractions of struggling to setup the call and dealing with a difficult to use user interface.
“The Yealink CP960 allows us to firmly take on competitors in the audio conferencing space and provides an excellent opportunity to show the latest and greatest features that Yealink has to offer. The Yealink CP960 provides superb audio quality, thanks to Yealink’s collaboration with iconic audio brand Harmon Kardon, which ensures crystal-clear voice communication in any boardroom. Combined with world-class connectivity features such as built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and running on an Android Operating system, the Yealink CP960 is as good as an audio conferencing phone gets.”
The Yealink CP960 has a world class set of features that are sure to make it your conference phone of choice.
The CP960 IP Conference Phone offers six-metre-wide, 360-degree dead-zone free voice pick-up, for a full audio conferencing experience. Voice pick-up distance can be increased to as much as 18 metres using a pair of Yealink wireless microphones (CPW90) with embedded DECT technology.
The CP960 IP Conference Phone also features Yealink Noise Proof technology, which eliminates external environmental noise like typing, air conditioners and background conversation during calls. Yealink Noise Proof can also automatically mute the microphone when someone is not speaking, turning it back on when a human voice is detected in the room.
The phone features a stylish metallic silver finish and its 12.5 centimetre, high-resolution multi-touch screen provides a fast, simple user experience.
Users will also benefit from the CP960’s virtual meeting room interface, the Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room, which enables up to five-party conferencing. It’s also possible to invite participants without having to pause or interrupt an ongoing conversation. The Yealink CP960’s Active Speaker feature will automatically detect which caller is speaking and highlights them on screen.
When using a mobile phone or PC-based soft phone like Skype for Business, calls can be routed directly to the CP960 over a USB port or Bluetooth.
The CP960 also comes with 100-hour local (on phone) call recording, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a powerful Android 5.1 operating system.
“In today’s globalised work environment, audio conferencing allows participants to be as good as in the same room. The CP960 helps to make brainstorming and project management more seamless in sharing ideas, flagging issues and finally making decisions,” concludes Bantjes.