Euphoria Telecom is offering its core services free of charge to help businesses exit long-term contracts, and will help customers to reduce the costs and resources while waiting for the long-term contract period to terminate.
“We understand the importance of a good, reliable business communication solution and endeavour to provide just that to all our customers. For a business to be trapped in a contract for unsuited communications is the equivalent of daylight robbery to our company ethos,” says Euphoria Telecom’s Rafal Janik.
“Our company is built to serve the needs of our customers and not to exploit them for financial gain. Our philosophy is to help, not cripple. By doing so, we do believe that our culture is slowly paving the way for other B2B service providers to operate with a similar philosophy, curbing exploitation and freeing the market place from companies who do not respect and understand their customer’s changing needs,” he explains.
Euphoria has a strict ‘no long term contract’ policy, working on a ‘pay for what you need, when you need it’ philosophy. A 30-day cancellation notice gives that customer the freedom to explore other products and services.
For businesses wanting to move to Euphoria but are tied into contracts with other service providers, subject to the remaining duration of the contract period, Euphoria is able to offer these businesses a limited ‘respite period’, providing core services for up to half the remaining contract period. This option is limited to a period of six months.
“Reinforcing our business ethos, customers who benefit from this opportunity are not expected to remain with Euphoria after their long-term contract has been terminated. If a business decides that Euphoria does not meet its unique business needs, it is free to migrate to an alternative service provider whenever it chooses,” Janik explains.