Managed ICT services company, AppCentrix, has announced a strategic partnership with business value IT consultants, AgileIT.
AppCentrix offers managed services that provide a real-time, single view of an entire IT estate. AgileIT is an IT services consultancy that delivers agility into technology.
The partnership aims to extract further business value for customers following the AppCentrix SmartICT maturity model, whereby companies realise greater IT infrastructure stability, increased performance and accelerated volumes and revenues.
SmartICT appeals to CIOs who wish to ensure alignment between business and IT strategy, realise innovation and improvements and gain competitive advantage through data analytics and intelligent monitoring, whilst continuing to reduce costs and realise efficiencies. The service already boasts more than 6 000 sites across 45 data centres and currently gathers more than 500 000 metrics a day for analysis and management insight.
“We have an unquestionable commitment to working together with our clients to generate true value for money, and avoid their expense of additional capital outlay, and unnecessary recurring licensing costs when actually seeking to improve and protect revenues,” says AppCentrix CEO Graeme Allcock. “The partnership with AgileIT is an extension of our commitment to extracting real business value for our customers from our maturity model and approach.”
AgileIT was founded by Nick Truran, former head of IT operations for Liberty.
“AppCentrix SmartICT helped us eliminate spend on disparate tools scattered across the organisation at Liberty, reduced our downtime and improved our meantime to repair. It made sense as AgileIT focuses on delivering agility, that we partner with a managed service offering that can support our customer’s goals,” he explains.
“While trained to do so, we don’t expect the pilot of an aeroplane to fly without instruments, so why do we expect our chief executives to make the right decisions when plotting their course without the necessary telemetry, ” adds Truran.
“With this philosophy in mind, fact based decision making becomes the new reality. This in turn drives down cost, drives up operational efficiency and ultimately delivers true value to the business that IT serves.”