Under with a new strategic partnership agreement , Intact Software Distribution can now provide the full range of Gold N’ Links Cyber’s security solutions to its African customers.
These services cover a full spectrum of cyber prevention, response, training and insuretech cyber solutions and will be offered to Intact customers in South Africa and across the continent.
The partnership addresses a growing and urgent requirement for companies across the continent to address the threat of cyber-attacks, which is the most dominant threat to the governments and businesses across the globe.
Recent ransomware attacks have emphasised the importance of preventing system breaches, and providing an immediate and structured response to breaches.
For example, research has indicated that 92% of all companies in Europe have been cyber-attacked. In the UK, ransomware attacks 44% of businesses whereas 30% of companies suffer daily attacks.
The average cost of a security breach is $3,1-million, while DDoS attacks cost on average $40 000 an hour to defend. Meanwhile, 45% of UK businesses have no cyber security strategy, 33% of businesses spend nothing on cyber security, only 20% of employees have cyber training and 62% of security teams feel under-resourced.
The new partnership will strengthen the cyber defence and response strategies of Intact’s clients, and enable greater awareness and training of company staff and security teams on all matters relating to cyber threats.
“In today’s threat landscape, no company can afford to let their security teams fall behind the curve. GNL Cyber is set to become a vital tool in the fight against cyber criminals, and we are looking forward to introducing it to the African market,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact.