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South African JSE-listed telematics company Cartrack is positioning itself for robust growth in European markets, supported by the in-house development of new technologies.
Vehicle tracking and telematics advancements such as the innovative CTG3 fleet-management unit, a tracking device developed in-house by Cartrack, have provided fleet owners and logistics professionals in European markets with an attractive solution for assessing driver and vehicle performance in their fleets.
The complex logistical requirements of fleet managers in advanced European markets are driving demand for Cartrack’s products and stimulating the company’s development of innovative technologies, explains Cartrack deputy global CEO, John Edmeston.
“Expansion into the European market has been beneficial for Cartrack in numerous ways. Not only is it a vibrant, first-world market that is projecting significant continued telematics penetration within the vehicle sector, but commercial users of telematics systems are professional in their approach to telematics and demanding of an advanced level of functionality.
“Cartrack has been able to learn from this market, and develop and apply such learnings globally.”
Edmeston is excited about opportunities for further growth in the European region.
“Business-to-consumer opportunities are starting to present themselves to a greater degree than ever before. Safety and security needs of consumers are on the increase in most countries, and the benefits of telematics to the insurance industry are being given more attention.
“Cartrack’s value proposition and data analytics capabilities are a key enabler in this sector, and allow Cartrack to be placed in a position to explore this burgeoning and relatively untapped market opportunity.”
The CTG3 allows fleet owners and managers to monitor and coach drivers. Using this business solution, mangers can curb reckless driver behaviour, implement driver scorecards to improve driving habits and incentivise drivers and ensure compliance with road safety regulations. In the event of an accident, reconstruction and analysis capabilities can help determine culpability and liability. Consequently, Cartrack is able to respond quickly to emergencies by knowing precisely when and where collisions have taken place.
Edmeston, explains how the CTG3 unit benefits customers. “The CTG3 allows clients to access reports that assess, monitor and calculate variables including route profile and difficulty, time in operation of the vehicle, fuel consumption, and engine, drive speed, acceleration and braking management.
“The CTG3 also includes expansion ports that allow for a connection to virtually any third-party device. This function allows for temperature reading, integration into swipe cards, and many more applications.”
As with all of Cartrack’s technology, the CTG3 was designed and developed in-house by the company’s Johannesburg-based research and development department. “Our programme of continuous improvement ensures that our products continue to evolve. We rely on engagement with our clients to inform our research into product advancements and support services,” says Edmeston.