Kathy Gibson at Fujitsu World Tour, Bryanston — Change is nothing new: it’s how we adapt to change that determines our success.
Motivational speaker Michael Jackson points out that change is all around us.
Massive change is being driven by a number of factors.
Computing is the first, not only the era of personal computing, but the application of computing to drive human landmarks like the moon landing and others.
The second is communication, and the huge advances tht have been made in the communications space in just the last few years.
Connectivity is one of the biggest changes the world has seen, Jackson says. Just about every human being is connected today, and many devices are now plugged in as well.
Convergence ties everything together, with just about every experience being just one click away.
“But what does it mean for us going forward?” Jackson asks.
Businesses have to learn a new business formula, he says. And this means that businesses have to focus on the future, to focus on their uniqueness.
“And there is still no guarantee of success. Your company is one of more than 150-million registered businesses chasing 7,3-billion customers.”
Innovation that used to take a generation, now happens in just weeks or months, according to Google, and organisations need to take note of this, Jackson says.
What is holding us back, he says, is unconscious incompetence. “Everything we do is learned behaviour.”
Unconscious incompetence starts to move towards a a solution when it becomes conscious incompetence, and from learning becomes conscious competence.
This achievement is quickly overshadowed by unconscious competence. To reach the apex of excellence means attaining a constant conscious competence, Jackson says.
“If we don’t bring ourselves back, it will hold us back from developing new opportunities.”
Jackson says co-creation will help organisations to rediscover the passion and purpose that’s needed to achieve excellence.