Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa (KDZA), a leading supplier of printing and document management solutions, has announced a new partnership with Service Parts Logistics (SPL), Africa’s largest IT parts distributor.
Paul Wendlandt, customer services support manager at KDZA, says: “We will be using the spare part distribution element of the SPL business in the sub-Saharan region. We anticipate reaching a large base of resellers that currently support our products, allowing for greater parts availability. This is a critical aspect of the resellers being able to offer superior service and support to their clients.
“Our aim with this appointment is to bolster the availability of service parts to support the products that KYOCERA currently has in our installed-base and for those we are bringing to the market.
“SPL has a specialist focus on the service industry and 29 years of experience in the very granular business of spare parts and long-life consumables (i.e. printer maintenance kits), which means that they are able to profile and hold large volumes of the stock that the market needs — and crucially that they are able to find interim solutions for resellers on non-stock items, and supply these on very short lead times.”
Christopher Cox, marketing manager of SPL, says: “This is a fantastic fit for both businesses – we’re delighted to bring our skillsets to serve KDZA, and we’re excited to be associated with this prestigious brand. I think we’ll help KYOCERA’s resellers grow the brand at a real grassroots level by allowing them to offer a fantastic service to their customers without the need to hold their own spare part stock. This will allow them to compete with some of the biggest brands in the imaging and print business.”
Wendlandt concludes: “The traditional repair channel offered by KDZA partners is our primary service channel and will continue to carry the majority of our focus. KYOCERA, as a manufacturer, offers a varied range of products; some of the products do not fit our traditional model, therefore KDZA sees the need to explore partnerships with companies like SPL to ensure all customer needs are addressed.”