Lenovo has launched the Yoga 720 and Miix 720 in South Africa.
These new additions to the Yoga and Miix families give users even more versatility, speed, and convenience with technology that is ready for both work and life.
Yoga 720 is a powerhouse convertible laptop created for the mobile multitasking generation, who want a thin, light computer and top-notch performance.
It comes with a range of advanced features designed to deliver the best Windows 10 experience for the home, office and everywhere in between.
The Yoga 720 and Windows 10 are designed to adapt to the way users work. Users can write or draw with the Lenovo Active Pen 2 (optional extra) and Windows Ink in the same way they would with pen and paper–no adjustments necessary. It has a responsive touchscreen which distinguishes between intentional pen input and accidental pressure from the user’s palm, so writing and drawing feel fluid and natural.
The Yoga 720 detects which mode it is in–laptop, tent, stand, or tablet–and automatically adjusts its performance and thermals accordingly. With optimised cooling for every mode, it is designed not to overheat in the user’s lap or hand.
Thanks to the unique integration of antennas in Lenovo’s hinge, it maintains optimum Wifi performance in any mode, so users can get continuous connectivity up to 200m away from the hotspot.
Lenovo’s new Miix 720 is a versatile Windows 10, 2-in-1 detachable device that comes with the Lenovo Active Pen 2, touchscreen and a full-size keyboard for work-life integration.
The Miix 720 offers consumers laptop performance, tablet convenience and digital pen functionality all in one device.
For added security, the device has a Windows Hello face authentication that uses an integrated infrared camera to free users from complex and easily forgotten passwords. The Miix 720 is built for productivity and entertainment on the go – the lightweight Miix 720 has up to 1TB PCIe SSD, up to Intel’s latest 7th Gen Core i7 processor and an integrated Thunderbolt 3 for fast and powerful performance.
The Miix 720 is 14.6 mm thin and weighs 1.1 kg, including its keyboard. More importantly, for people who are always on the go, the battery lasts up to eight hours, with a USB connection that never sleeps, so you can charge your smartphone even when the Miix 720 is powered off.
“In less than a decade, technology has enabled a major shift in how we live and work,” says Thibault Dousson, GM: southern Africa at Lenovo. “As the lines between our business and leisure activities continue to blur, users need consistency and continuity across every facet of their lives and are weary of switching from one computer to another based on location or activity.
“With this in mind, Lenovo spoke to thousands of users to better understand how we could develop technology that would enhance their work and personal lives. Innovative models like the Lenovo Miix 720 and Yoga 720 help to combine work and life in a way that is most beneficial to our users.”