In line with its stated goal of becoming a more diversified ICT organisation, Alviva has gone on the acquisition trail buying infrastructure management company Sintrex and Gridcars which develops electric vehicle charge point software.
Alviva has acquired 51% of Sintrex, with the option to acquire a further 24% within two years. “Sintrex develops IT products, services and solutions that, along with global partnerships, provide clients with the visibility and performance insight into IT infrastructure management, network management and monitoring solutions,” Alviva says. “The independence of Sintrex across service providers, as well as the relationship between service providers and clients, is critical to the Sintrex business model and plays a key role to ensure objective SLA and service delivery monitoring.
“Channel integrity remains a key element within the IT supply chain and, to this end, Sintrex will operate as a stand-alone entity within DCT.”
In addition, Alviva has acquired, for a nominal amount, 75% of Gridcars through its subsidiary Solareff.
“Gridcars is playing a leading role in building the electric vehicle industry through engagement with vehicle manufacturers and various other stakeholders and to that end, Gridcars is a founding member of the Electric Vehicle Industry Association,” the company says. “Alviva believes that growing a network of charge points in South Africa will be the enabler of a carbon free transport system. The realtime interactive eMobility software system allows users to find available charge points and to manage the rates and billing for energy consumed. The acquisition of Gridcars forms a key element of our renewable energy business strategy.”