ADVA Optical Networking has been selected as the technology partner of FibreCo Telecommunications to enable the fibre network operator to roll out high-bandwidth services across South Africa.

FibreCo, one of the country’s leading communication service providers, will harness ADVA Optical Networking’s FSP 3000 metro and long-haul technology to offer tailor-made connectivity services to its business, government and carrier customers. The initial deployment involves a 100Gbit/s ROADM network carrying data over 780km between Johannesburg and the undersea cable landing station at Mtunzini. ADVA Optical Networking’s Elite partner Jasco Carrier Solutions will play a key role in the deployment and continuous support of the new network.

“This strategic partnership provides a firm foundation for the future as we help even more South African businesses unleash their full potential. With ADVA Optical Networking’s flexible platform, we can respond in the shortest possible time to each and every customer demand,” says Marius Mostert, CTO, FibreCo. “The ADVA FSP 3000, including its advanced ROADM technology, enables us to deliver the high-speed, scalable connectivity that today’s enterprises and service providers demand. Our new infrastructure delivers several key efficiencies from low latency to optimised bandwidth utilisation. What’s more, the support and local expertise provided by ADVA Optical Networking and Jasco Carrier Solutions gives us a lot of confidence that we’ll achieve quick time to market and the highest network availability.”

FibreCo chose to expand its existing infrastructure in response to rapid growth in bandwidth demand. With ADVA Optical Networking as a key partner, it will ensure tailored bandwidth-intensive broadband services for high-priority business applications across South Africa. Incorporating the latest multi-degree ROADM technology, the ADVA FSP 3000 is the ideal platform for flexible transport services. FibreCo’s new infrastructure will carry both 10 and 100Gbit/s traffic and include long-haul links that require no regeneration. The modular design of the ADVA FSP 3000 also ensures that the network is primed and ready for further expansion so that FibreCo can easily upgrade its clients’ services whenever their requirements change. FibreCo’s future network expansion plans will see 100Gbit/s metro and long-haul links connecting other cities and regions across South Africa.