Kathy Gibson at VMworld in Barcelona — Cloud is the foundation of all digital transformation, and the hybrid cloud is rapidly becoming the new buzzword.
VMware, which was the first to virtualise the server, is working on virtualising the whole data centre as well, but it’s not quite cloud-ready yet.
“What we are doing with VMware Cloud Foundation 2.0 is to make cloud to work seamlessly, to make the data centre operate as part of the cloud strategy,” says VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger.
With more than 100 new customers a day, VMware Cloud Foundation has thousands of users on board already.”
Today, VMware announced is new HCX technology that enables application mobility at scale, connecting on-premise environment to cloud environments.
“It accelerates the migration for infrastructure modernisation and cloud migration,” Gelsinger says.
VMware Cloud Providers represent more than 4 000 partners building services using VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, operating in more than 110 countries.
Using VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, VMware Cloud Providers preserve a common operating environment, promoting more seamless portability of apps and interoperability between multiple clouds without compromising visibility, operations, automation, security and governance.
VMware HCX technologies delivers any cloud to any cloud secure, seamless interoperability and mobility, enabling large scale application migration and ongoing portability with zero application downtime or refactoring.
Offered through VMware Cloud Providers and initially available from IBM, a key design partner, and OVH, HCX technologies enables customers to modernise data centres with the most current VMware SDDC offerings while maintaining business continuity, application uptime, network architectures and performance.
HCX technologies provides operational support to enable efficient cloud migration and protect the integrity of applications at the origination and destination cloud. Data synchronization, network extension, traffic engineering, automated VPN and WAN optimizations and built in security all provide the critical operational capabilities to ensure efficient and effective cloud migration.
VMware HCX technologies enables infrastructure hybridity. Customers can now securely extend data centres to the cloud while maintaining the same governance and control. The technology creates a secure, high-performance and highly reliable hybrid fabric that seamlessly interconnects multiple sites. It provides flexibility to deploy workloads on the cloud for regional and cyclical capacity, supporting bi-directional mobility, business continuity and disaster recovery.
The VMware Cloud Provider Platform enables VMware Cloud Providers to meet their critical business imperatives: drive operational efficiency, quickly monetise new services, and compete more effectively.
Delivering flexible tenancy and self-service options at scale across multi-tenant and single-tenant cloud-hosted environments, the Cloud Provider Platform enables partners to rapidly deploy and scale up an environment upon which they can build their own value-added differentiated cloud services.
VMware Cloud Provider Platform combines a core set of VMware’s cloud infrastructure, with cloud provider management and operations software, and new a tested and validated Certified Reference Design, to empower VMware Cloud Providers with:
* Flexible, tenant-specific metering for subscription and on demand services
* Self-service multi-tenant compute, network, storage, and other infrastructure services
* Granular, role-based access per tenant to VMware NSX-based networking services
* Valuable ecosystem services through key vendors
* Lower OPEX and accelerated time to revenue
To help customers identify a provider that can deliver services with VMware Cloud Infrastructure technology,
VMware today announced a new class of VMware Cloud Verified partners, identifies by a VMware Cloud Verified trust mark. The initial partners under this programme are CenturyLink, Fujitsu, IBM Cloud, OVH and Rackspace.