Kathy Gibson at VMworld in Barcelona — VMware’s vision hasn’t really changed over the last three or four years – it’s still about any device running any application on any cloud.
Joe Baguley, chief technology officer: EMEA at VMware, explains that this vision is being refined and delivered as time goes on.
A 2017 VMware customer survey showed that 67% of enterprise customers said they foresee an ideal end state in which they rely on multiple clouds.
Managing resources and applications across multiple clouds, however, raises new challenges including workload cloud portability and the need to monitor performance, manage capacity and achieve cost transparency across clouds.
VMware today announced new management offerings in the software-defined data centre space, enabling their integration into any cloud.
He says the new vRealize Suite 2017 allows for new levels of lifecycle management; optimises application and infrastructure performance with new native operations; and enables DevOps-ready IT.
VMware vRealize Suite 2017 will integrate the latest releases of vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, vRealize Business for Cloud and vRealize Log Insight and feature new lifecycle management capabilities to support customers’ data centre modernisation and cloud integration efforts.
The new system delivers a cloud management platform that can manage hybrid environments across private and public clouds. It will speed up the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing a high level of agility and flexibility for developers and lines of business, while maintaining governance and control.
The suite will also support heterogeneous environments that are a mix of both traditional and cloud-native applications across VMs and containers, running in a software-defined data centre (SDDC) environment or multiple clouds.
The suite will help customers address three common use cases: intelligent operations, automated IT and developer cloud.
VMware vRealize Suite 2017 will provide enterprises with advanced intelligent operations and automated IT capabilities to more easily stand up and operate a VMware-based cloud.
In addition, the suite will feature increased support for public clouds as well as containers and configuration management solutions to ease moving applications from dev-test into production.
A new feature is streamline day 0 through day 2 tasks, simplifying daily administration and operations of the suite with new built-in, automated lifecycle management, helping users speed time to value by automating the deployment, configuration and upgrading of the products in the suite.
Features that have been updated include vRealize Operations 6.6, vRealize Automation 7.3, vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 and vRealize Log Insight 4.5.
The launch of vRealize Suite 2017 advances VMware’s support of its customers’ adoption of multiple clouds.