To address performance concerns and support customers in moving critical enterprise workloads to the cloud, South African cloud and connectivity provider RSAWEB turned to infrastructure-as a-service (IaaS) integrator ShapeBlue to deploy a NetApp SolidFire all-flash next generation data management solution.
The move to SolidFire immediately addressed the performance issues that RSAWEB previously faced, and customers reported a four- to fivefold performance increase.
Today, RSAWEB can guarantee performance levels to thousands of applications from a shared infrastructure by leveraging the SolidFire volume-level Quality of Service controls, and also pass along savings to its customers by reducing rack space, power, and cooling costs.
In addition, RSAWEB customers can change tiers in just 15 seconds, helping them to become more agile in meeting their customer’s dynamic business needs.
With their new infrastructure in place, RSAWEB enables their customers to meet ever-shifting, unpredictable business and application demands, so that they can focus on innovation and optimise operations.
RSAWEB delivers high-quality metro Ethernet fibre, cloud services, hosting, fibre to the home, and other internet services throughout the country.
Through RSAWEB’s Enterprise Cloud, customers have access to a team of cloud experts for assistance without maintenance or capital costs.
And, with its CloudConnect service, RSAWEB can securely connect its customers to the cloud by using their existing networks.
“By choosing SolidFire we have fundamentally changed the conversation with our customers. Regardless of workload, our customers immediately have the utmost confidence that they’re going to get a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective service,” says Mark Slingsby, chief technology officer of RSAWEB.