Rectron has extended its storage portfolio through an exclusive distribution agreement with PQI.
PQI’s broad product range, which features a strong storage offering, will complement Rectron’s existing portfolio of premium brands and products.
“PQI has been brought on board to cater more effectively to a wider range of channels, particularly when it comes to our value-tiered customer segments. This will enable our resellers to cater for a broader end-user market, opening up new opportunities to them,” says Renier Smit, product manager at Rectron.
Rectron will initially focus on the distribution of PQI’s USBs and flash cards, but will extend this offering in due course, drawing on the strength of PQI’s manufacturing and R&D capabilities as a subsidiary of the Foxlink Group, which is an Apple-approved accessories manufacturer.
As a global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI’s focus is on creating intelligent devices. Its ‘Touched by Intelligence’ philosophy is based on technology-integrated everyday products. “PQI hopes to touch every user’s sight, sound, mind and soul by incorporating intelligent technology into their daily lives. Our aim is to make every moment brilliant,” says Karolina Hsieh, strategic sales department at PQI.
As the sole distributor of PQI products in South Africa, Rectron will take care of all RMA, brand marketing, advertising and distribution, providing resellers with added value when it comes to the selling these products.
“We are extremely excited about this opportunity to partner with PQI. We believe that this is a product range through which we can offer both resellers and end users significant value and we look forward to developing this relationship further in future,” says Smit.
The synergy which exists between Rectron and PQI is a significant advantage for clients. “Both brands are well-experienced in managing channel business and channel marketing, and are focused on branding and end-user marketing in order to create that push-pull effect that benefits resellers,” comments Smit.
Hsieh agrees, adding: “We are confident our partnership with Rectron will continue to grow as we establish win-win business based on mutual trust.”