Itec SA has introduced the Hanwha Techwin (formerly known as Samsung Techwin) range of Wisenet security cameras to its client base.
As part of the launch, Itec SA has focused specifically on giving local businesses access to the recently developed WisenetQ and Wisenet Lite range of surveillance cameras that offer businesses end–to-end indoor and outdoor surveillance support, in industries including; the retail and banking sectors.
These two ranges complement their award – winning Wisenet X range of surveillance products that were recently selected as the winner of the Video Surveillance Hardware category at the 2017 Benchmark Innovation Awards earlier this month.
Gavin Meyer, executive director at Itec SA, says: “If we consider that crime at non-residential premises has increased to 75 0082 in South Africa, there is no doubt that security is key in today’s high crime society. In fact, as criminals become smarter, having a stringent physical business security system in place, through the use of the latest in sophisticated, innovative technology, is imperative.
“As such, we believe that the introduction of the Hanwha Techwin security products will offer our clients a highly effective security channel that can enable them to protect their physical assets and identify areas of weakness, as well as more rapidly and clearly identify intruders, effectively — ever more critical in sectors that are a target of crime and criminal syndicates.”
Businesses are able to utilise the data captured from the WisenetQ and Wisenet Lite surveillance solutions to not only protect their bottom line from external and internal threats, but they can also use this data to enhance customer experience and improve their operational efficiencies by analysing this footage from a control room, or even remotely.
The benefits of investing in reputable surveillance solutions like the comprehensive Hanwha Techwin range of products are plenty and of course, in a world where sometimes crime is unstoppable, effective identification plays a critical role.
The WisenetQ series is an affordable range of compact surveillance cameras that can be utilised by both small and medium businesses. It offers businesses sharp and clear image quality, recognises an out-of-focus image and improves efficiency significantly. Furthermore, through its Lens Distortion Correction it helps reduce image distortion.
The Wisenet Lite series can also be applied to both small and medium sized businesses, and offers three types of video streams from a single camera that can be viewed live, via mobile, or recorded – depending on the users’ choice or requirements.
Making this range of CCTV products even more attractive, is the fact that users are now able to have one security solution at their fingertips – one that is customisable to best fit a specific security need, allowing for flexibility and meeting the specific needs of the business.
“We are confident that through the introduction of the Hanwha Techwin range of surveillance solutions, our client base will be able to effectively meet their organisation’s developing and diverse security needs – according to their individual requirements and that we are leading the way in effective, dynamic and innovative camera surveillance technology as a result,” concludes Meyer.