Commercial and industrial communications provider, Metacom has unveiled the MC6000 Enterprise Router.
Custom developed using 15 years of experience in the retail industry, the MC6000 is a single hardware device capable of managing multiple services on a single hardware platform, across both remote and regional retail sites.
“The MC6000 is a significant step forward when it comes to what is currently available in the market. With this router, all services are integrated into a single, custom-developed device that can handle multiple fibre connections for seamless, speedy throughput. It also has HDMI connectivity so it can drive video directly from the device,” says RĂ©an van Niekerk, MD of Metacom.
The MC6000 has been designed to tackle the African environment, with dual power supplies for rural areas where reliable power is a challenge. It also includes a plethora of digital interfaces that can be activated remotely and tailored to measure specific, customer defined, parameters.
“We can use the device to measure any number of external triggers such as temperature or weather. The MC6000 allows our clients to customise it to deliver whatever services they want,” adds van Niekerk.
The MC6000 is built into a mountable aluminium rack that provides for plenty of expansion capability and seamless installation into remote and regional retail outlets. The rack has also been carefully designed to ensure it adds aesthetic value to the outlet or installation space.
“The aluminium rack is both robust and good looking — we know that our customers want some beauty with their functionality. Of course, we have also made sure that the MC6000 comes with plenty of the latter too. We have long had a vision of being able to integrate radio, Wi-Fi, Internet, video, apps and more, all into a single, cohesive solution. This router makes it a reality — one device that delivers an all-in-one service offering,” says van Niekerk.
The MC6000 can manage ADSL, GSM, fibre and Wi-Fi, ticking all the requisite connectivity boxes. It also comes with expansion slots to allow for steady, customer-led growth into services and capabilities, and to ensure longevity and sustainability.
Customers can start with the basic router functionality and then add in services such as low-internet video or radio as they progress. The router includes expansion slots for Internet video and radio, and digital inputs and outputs.
“We’ve found that our customers have different tiers of stores and these have unique requirements for connectivity and service delivery. The high throughput or flagship stores that want the fibre-level services with video displays and customer Wi-Fi, for example, will benefit from the capabilities embedded into the MC6000,” says van Niekerk.
The features, capacity and connectivity capability of the MC6000 place it at the forefront of router design and innovation. It sets a standard in router technology and its design ensures it will remain relevant for many years to come.
Additional features include the two SFP slots and its ability to accept 100BASE-LX,100BASE-SX and 1.25G SFP modules, two USB ports, the 1GHz iMX6S ARM Cortex A9 processor, and the Wi-Fi module with support for multiple SSIDs and diversity antenna.
a”This router is designed to fit seamlessly into our managed network portfolio and assures customers of its longevity and sustainability. The expansion slots allow customers to add in solutions as they become available in the future and the processing capacity is so good it is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon,” concludes van Niekerk.