Kathy Gibson at SUSEcon, Prague – Open source has a big role to play in enabling the new trends driving IT and business today.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, data analytics, high performance computing and digital transformation all benefit from open source technologies, says Nile Brauckmann, CEO of SUSE.

He believes that SUSE, which celebrates its 25th birthday this month, is well positioned to play a major role in helping enterprises make their digital transformation journey.

“We have been a true open source pioneer and leader for 15 years,” Brauckmann says. “During those years we have generated a lot of expertise and we are leveraging that today.”

This expertise adds to the value of the Linux operating system as well as new technologies driving software-defined infrastructure.

“For us, digitalisation feels like a very logical evolution,” Brauckmann says. “The operating system has been evolving, and the move to software-defined infrastructure changes the requirement for the operating system.

“Today, it is about the context in which you want to use the operating system. The size and shape of the operating system changes depending on what you want to do with it.

“There are so many different use cases, the form factor of the operating system needs to be able to change and adapt to fit the needs of the environment.”
As an enterprise open source vendor, Brauckmann says SUSE feels comfortable in providing the operating system and also the software-defined infrastructure that is now driving the move to software-defined data centre.

“We are also able to support both the operating system and software-defined environments for our customers,” he says. “Real value comes from the management, security, scalability, service and support.

“We have done that for 25 years. What we have always done for open source technology we will now do for the software-defined technology alongside the operating system.”

Michael Miller, president of strategies, alliances and marketing, adds that the last year has been a big one for the IT industry as a whole, and for SUSE in particular.

The company has made a number of technology acquisitions, which have allowed the company to make a number of new product and service announcements.