Econz Wireless, a leading time and attendance and employee tracking solutions provider, has announced the addition of a new Overtime/Premium Pay Configuration to their Timecard GPS mobile solution.
Regulated by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, every employer South Africa must regulate the working time of each employee in accordance with the provisions of any Act governing occupational health and safety; with due regard to the health and safety of employees; with due regard to the Code of Good Practice on the Regulation of Working Time issued under section 87(1)(a) of the Act.
“We have received customer requests for this feature from certain industry sectors where workers are required to take scheduled work and meal breaks,” says Thomas Marshall, national sales director of Econz Wireless South Africa. “Their requirements had to include workers to clock-out and in for scheduled breaks, automatic alerts to the worker to take their breaks, and the ability to track their location.”
Some companies also have employment agreements in place that if a work break is not taken by mutual agreement, that the employee will be paid overtime rates for worked breaks. It was, therefore essential that worked breaks were closely monitored.
Other benefits of this feature include:
* Assign meal time for specific periods of time.
* Setup a default time for this meal time, which will be used to determine if employees had to finish their breaks before time due to work requirements.
* By setting up these rules, the system will provide a number of automatic alerts, such as break reminders or if the taken break has been too long.
* Show the location of the employee before, during and after breaks.