ESET South Africa has launched ESET Privacy Protection Solutions. These are tools that an organization can use to achieve digital security that is state of the art, practical and feasible, and which will assist organisations with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) compliance.
“While no single product can offer complete POPIA compliance, having a quality set of Information Security products puts organisations in a significantly better position with respect to POPIA compliancy and keeping personal information safe,” says ESET South Africa CEO, Carey van Vlaanderen, “ESET Privacy Protection Solutions offer customers a product set with outstanding value that covers three key components — endpoint protection, two-factor authentication and data encryption.”
Information Security has always been a concern for businesses to protect information such as intellectual property, business strategy, product information or even customer information from competitors who might seek to exploit this information. POPIA introduces a broad legal requirement for all organisations to take appropriate measures to protect personal information across all industries and sectors of society.
The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is cause for concern for any organisation that handles personal information. POPIA mandates all organisations to implement appropriate measures to ensure that all personal information is protected. It is enforced by the Information Regulator and the consequences for non-compliance can be significant.
ESET Data Protection Officer, Drew van Vuuren, says: “Organisations electing to ignore the POPIA requirements should be aware of the dangerous implications. The gamble could result in both financial as well as reputational loss, risking business closure through liabilities imposed by the regulator and the loss of confidence from suppliers, customers and peers in the industry.”