Uber’s in-vehicle entertainment partner, Hubble, has enjoyed 700% growth in its first year of operation.
“Excuse the pun, but it’s been an amazing ride,” says David Taitz, sales and commercial director at Hubble.”In just one year, we as a company have grown over 700%. Not only have we achieved success in South Africa, but have partnered with Uber in Kenya, Ukraine and Dubai.”
Hubble was launched in September 2016 and has since introduced Uber riders to in-vehicle entertainment. “We put the riders in charge of what they want to see which ensures a positive experience from interested passengers. There are now over 500 screens in South Africa alone and we’ve just launched 200 screens in Ukraine.”
During the year, high engagement rates have been recorded, with some channels experiencing over 20% engagement.
Hubble has announced that it will be launching the entertainment screens in Uber vehicles in Dubai and Kenya soon.