Licensed tier one Internet service provider (ISP) BitCo has launched a limited promotion for IP transit, data centre to data centre, and national long-distance services for wholesale channel partners.
Wholesale Internet access (IP transit) is a service offering with bandwidth options ranging from 200Mbps to 10Gbps (BGP optional). This product is specifically designed for ISP aggregation with dedicated Internet access and is available at several data centres around South Africa.
Benefits of the IT transit service include 100% local and 100% international bandwidth, dedicated Internet access, 100% restoration over multiple undersea cable systems, a 1:1 contention rate, and no fair usage policy.
The service is designed for ISP aggregation and is available on a 24-month contract term with a R1 000 setup fee and once-off BGP configuration fee of R5 000. Cross-connect and port fee is excluded.
It is available at the following data centres: Teraco (Johannesburg, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal), Internet Solutions Parklands, Internet Solutions Randburg and Hetzner Samrand.
As colocation services become increasingly popular, connectivity is becoming a key differentiator as providers compete for customers. Carrier-neutrality and connectivity within data centres can be a major factor.
BitCo has availability and protected routes in three major cities; Johannesburg, Durban and Cape-Town. Channel partners will be able to connect national long distance (NLD) Layer 2 access or data centre (local) to data centre (local).
Data centres include: Teraco Johannesburg, Teraco KwaZulu-Natal, Teraco Cape Town, Vumatel Johannesburg, Vumatel Cape Town, Vumatel KwaZulu-Natal, Century City Connect DC, Hetzner Samrand, Internet Solutions Parklands, Internet Solutions Randburg, Internet Solutions KwaZulu-Natal and Internet Solutions Cape Town.
BitCo’s channel sales manager Chrystal Singh says: “This promotion offers multitudinous opportunities for partners to grow their businesses, increase their revenue stream and offer more value to their clients.”
Benefits of this service include Layer 2 access, low latency, guaranteed 100% operational uptime and no fair usage policy.
It supports MTU 9000 and is designed for ISP aggregation. The service comes on a 24-month contract term and carries a R1 000 setup fee while cross-connect and port fees are excluded.
These promotions are valid from 1 September 2017 to 30 November 2017.