Britehouse, a Dimension Data company, has launched an Advanced Analytics Division from 1 October 2017.
Until recently, businesses relied on traditional tools to collect and interpret data. However, the Britehouse Advanced Analytics Division is pioneering a new movement in viewing and using data, working with customers to create solutions to problems whose complexity is beyond the scope of conventional analytics and reporting.
Jeetendra Fakir, group executive, Advanced Analytics Division, comments: “This is the innovative next step in analytics; to bring together business, academic theory, and technology. Through a deep understanding of academic theories and access to limitless computational power, we are able to create the best, bespoke business solutions for our clients.”
These advanced tools combine four main areas from which data can be yielded:
* Internal factors: Information that is generated by day-to-day business activities.
* External factors: For instance, climatological data, economics, demographics and social media.
* Blind data: Data which always existed in the business but was never considered part of any solutions.
* Feature engineering: Abstract conceptual thinking.
The Advanced Analytics Division connects these four data verticals with challenges and opportunities, unique to your business to create a bespoke mathematical model that will gather a holistic dataset, make sense of the noise, and use those findings to build innovative solutions that will accelerate business performance.
The team comprises individuals from multi-disciplines, including statisticians, physicists, mathematicians, behavioral scientists, data engineers and technology experts.
Fakir says: “This close collaboration and cohesion in the team gives us the competitive edge which differentiates us and enables us to claim success for our clients. With this team structure, we are able to unpack the art of the possible at an accelerated rate.”