Intervate, a T-Systems company, has announced a new Design Thinking Labs service offering.
Design thinking uses methodologies and processes to assist organisations with complex problem solving.
Intervate will offer workshops specifically tailored to address and resolve a customer’s business concerns, applying design thinking principles and feasible technology to match the customer’s requirements. These workshops will enable organisations to embrace innovation and disruption while removing much of the complexities of both.
Craig Mitchelmore, acting head of Intervate, comments: “Our Design Thinking Labs are the beginning point of an intimate journey where we partner with our customers – and their customers – to navigate the variable waters of business success in a digitally evolving world.
“Businesses have any number of challenges made more complex against the backdrop of digital transformation,” he adds. “Through these workshops, we aim to not only help solve these challenges using a combination of trusted methodologies and applicable technologies, but also to equip them with the capability to leverage design thinking in their day-to-day business lives.”
The workshops are offered in two “flavours”. The first option is a brief introductory course which will teach the benefits of design thinking and enable organisations to tackle business problems using this process. The second option involves a collaborative workshop over a period of days determined by the complexity of the issue(s) being addressed. It combines Intervate design thinking specialists, relevant stakeholders from the organisation, as well as representation from their customers.
According to Mitchelmore, customer involvement is critical in attaining customer centric solutions and can eliminate over-complex outcomes.
“There is a great deal of trust involved in these workshops as we need to drill into the core of the organisation to fully understand, interpret and analyse their business persona. The outcome of each workshop is to ensure that our customers obtain strong brand adoption and customer stickiness. This requires a collaborative, flexible and trusting mindset from all parties involved,” says Mitchelmore.
Intervate’s Design Thinking Labs address specific business problems. These are drawn out, articulated and defined, and may be related to technology, people, processes or even culture. Together, the issues are weighed against possible solutions which are thoroughly investigated and tested before adoption.
Mitchelmore states that a technology-agnostic approach is used in conjunction with Intervate’s ethos of “anything is possible”.
“Technology may not even be the answer; not all business problems are necessarily technology problems. The purpose of the Design Thinking Labs is not to punt technology, but rather to determine a long-term, viable solution to any business problem, removing obstacles in the path to business success.”