A new report confirms that solar is now the fastest growing energy source in the world, and is making a major impact in Africa.
The International Energy Agency’s 2017 report on renewables forecasts that off-grid solar capacity in Africa is set to almost triple in the next five years, bringing basic electricity services to almost 70-million more people in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
The IEA has found that the amount of power from solar grew by more than 50%, and has officially increased energy output globally at a faster rate than any other fuel. The report specifically highlights off-grid solar as a “dynamic” sector set to accelerate this growth.
According to the IEA, off-grid capacity in Africa and Asia is set to reach “over 3 000 MW in 2022”.
Lumos, a company that offers off-grid solar services in Africa, launched its mobile electricity service and the Y’ello Box in partnership with MTN in Nigeria earlier this year. The device transforms the sun’s energy into electricity and is paid for via the mobile phone.
Yuri Tsitrinbaum, CEO of Lumos Nigeria, comments: “This is the latest evidence that off-grid solar is providing the answer to growing energy demand in Africa. There is no other option available that can provide energy that is as affordable, reliable, and clean.”
Lumos Mobile Electricity Service is available at MTN stores across Nigeria. By subscribing to the service, customers get one of the revolutionary Y’ello Box systems that converts solar energy into electricity for the home, paid for by phone credit and a simple text message. It’s reliable, affordable and powerful.
The IEA report projects that, over the next five years, services like Lumos will be the catalysts and drivers of payment solutions that can allow low-income populations access to electricity.