OfferZen has expanded its placement offering to include additional areas of expertise including data science, UI/UX design, product management and more.
Leaving the sole focus on software developers behind, OfferZen wants to become the single source of tech talent for companies.
“We are super excited about this big change,” says co-founder Philip Joubert. “Since our launch, we’ve had to turn away thousands of excellent people in many of these roles. Now employers will be able to hire their entire tech team through OfferZen’s marketplace.”
Since the company launched in November 2015, they’ve focused exclusively on helping software developers find great jobs. But from founding several other startups like SnapScan, Luno and JourneyApps, co-founders Philip and Malan Joubert knew that building great software required more than just people who write the code.
“We realized that if we’re serious about supporting local tech products and local tech talent, we needed to expand our platform to cater for everyone involved in building software,” Malan says.
To build modern software products, teams need to have a diverse range of skillsets: UI designers make products beautiful, UX designers make them easy to use and data scientists create personalised experiences from millions of data points. In addition, need scrum masters and product managers are needed to ensure that these multi-faceted teams run optimally.
According to CareerJunction, the tech sector has the highest demand for professionals in the South African job market but companies increasingly struggle to fill their open positions.
This is a problem OfferZen aims to solve. Less than two years into operation, the platform is already being used by almost 600 companies including big names like GetSmarter, Takealot, Barclays, Old Mutual, Allan Gray and, as well as a host of successful startups like SweepSouth and Yoco.
Lungisa Matshoba, co-founder and chief technology officer at Yoco, says: “Working with OfferZen has been an amazing experience. Instant access to top candidates has made our hiring process much faster – and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to build a world-class tech team.”
OfferZen is now in a position to help local companies build comprehensive tech teams and help local tech talent find meaningful work across a variety of in-demand roles.