Fujitsu has brought its Made in Germany engineering expertise to the desktop with its latest workstations — the completely redesigned Fujitsu Workstation Celsius M770 and the refreshed Fujitsu Workstation CELSIUS R970.
Both will be unveiled at the nVidia GPU Technology Conference in Munich, Germany, and feature the latest NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards, designed to handle the most demanding graphics-intensive applications, including virtual reality, with ease. The German design and engineering excellence of the Celsius M770 was also recently recognized in Japan with a Good Design award.
Remodeled Fujitsu-designed mainboards are a driving force behind the updated features, enabling an innovative new workstation layout and significant original housing characteristics.
RĂ¼diger Landto, head of client computing devices at Fujitsu in EMEIA, comments: “We listen to feedback from our customers, the CAD innovators and creators, designers and visual pioneers, who rely on Fujitsu workstations every day. Our product management, design and engineering teams have created a complete new Celsius M770 housing to deliver a user and service-friendly machine. Its flawless performance allows users to focus on designing the products of the future, enabling them to bring them to life in new ways with its virtual reality capabilities.”
Fujitsu now brings great design to the hard-working Celsius M770 single-processor workstation, with a sleek new chassis that makes key components and features easy to access. Storage disks, which many users remove at the end of their workday, are conveniently located in a front disk tray, which can be released by pushing an integrated button. The tray holds four cold plug disk drive slots, designed for standard 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard disk drives or solid state disks. In addition, the new I/O interface at the front comes in two options, one providing easy access to the USB Type-C connector.
Bob Pette, Vice President Professional Visualization at nVidia, adds: “From healthcare to oil and gas, professional workloads across industries are growing more complex as they increasingly incorporate new technologies like virtual reality, deep learning and photorealism. The latest Celsius workstations powered by the Quadro P6000 provide the horsepower necessary to meet the needs of even the most demanding workstation users.”
As well as adding an aluminum handle for easy transportation, the new workstation design extends to the side access door — which opens to reveal a clean, cable-free, molded internal housing with dedicated service doors that make replaceable parts accessible at the touch of green buttons. These allow the workstation’s storage, power supply, PCIe cards, memory or systemboard to be accessed and replaced easily by a user or a service team with no need for specialist tools. Although primarily designed as a desktop product, the Celsius M770 can also be mounted in a data center rack, requiring only 4U of rack space.
As security is top of mind for many businesses, the latest workstation’s front and side access doors are lockable. In addition, the power supply now features an intrusion switch which immediately flags any unauthorised access via the DeskView Desktop Management Software.
Since processors and graphics cards can generate significant heat under full load, the M770 features excellent thermal management capabilities thanks to Fujitsu’s innovative airflow design. This comprises three separate cooling channels that route fresh air through the workstation and over the key components. Even under full load, its whisper-quiet operation will not disrupt an office work environment.
The redesigned workstations also include a number of smart power features, including cold-plug functionality that makes removing the power supply extremely easy. The machines support IOT-specific data evaluation — as the digital power supply allows an administrator to capture certain information such as working time. The IPMI-FRU displays Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) information, for example the PSU serial number. In addition, a software based diagnostic tool makes it possible to track and extract information including usage data, temperature as well as the power output of the power supply.

CELSIUS R970 dual-processor desktop workstation
Fujitsu has refreshed its Celsius R970 dual-processor desktop workstation, which is optimised for most demanding, memory intensive multi-threaded applications. This latest model includes the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10 for Workstations, the new Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family with up to 56 cores, 1 TB DDR4 2,666 ECC memory and up to 2x 1 TB Fujitsu SSD PCIe cards. It can host up to two ultra-high-end graphics cards like the nVidia Quadro P6000 and AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 or three high-end 3D graphics cards. This feature set makes it ideally suited for extremely demanding and memory intensive multi-threaded applications such as high-end design and visualization, simulation, engineering, analysis as well as high-performance computing (HPC).