South African software distributor Dax Data has partnered with US-based software vendor eSyncTraining to enhance its Adobe Connect offering, establishing a more holistic e-learning and web conferencing solution.
eSyncTraining chief architect and president Mike Kollen believes that Dax Data is an ideal channel partner.
“We are grateful for this opportunity to partner with Dax Data in delivering compelling Adobe Connect apps, Single Sign-on, and LMS plug ins to Adobe Connect, as well as MP4 service, HD video and Adobe Connect Monitor to enhance their portfolio for the virtual collaboration space,” he says.
Working across sub-Saharan Africa, Dax Data has built a unique value proposition for its resellers based on a service ethos, knowledge transfer and partnership. Over the years, Dax Data has continued to develop their portfolio representing a range of software vendors, and is the sole distributor of Adobe Connect for the region.
Dax Data has a well-established partner network, including specialist eLearning providers.
Adobe Connect is an easy-to-use, customisable web conferencing platform for everyday collaborative needs, from screen and document sharing, to highly interactive webinars, meetings and virtual classrooms.
Peter Ryce from Adobe says: “Both of these companies have such extensive knowledge in their areas, combining those forces makes for a very powerful and compelling offering.”
“Through this partnership, Dax Data is able to deliver a complete solution to help African business connect with their audiences more effectively. Combining the Adobe Connect platform with eSync’s apps makes it easier to create highly engaging content for audiences, and enhances the functionality of Connect,” says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data.