Obsidian Systems, the South African training partner of Atlassian, will be attending the upcoming DevOpsDay in Cape Town from November 6 to 7 and showcase how the DevOps approach is improving business processes faster and more efficiently than was previously possible.
“Being part of the Atlassian ecosystem enables us to leverage off their extensive international enterprise software experience and pair that with our knowledge of the South African market. The result is a unique combination of best practice that provides our local customers with a tailored approach to their business operations,” says Muggie van Staden, CEO at Obsidian Systems.
Even though DevOps is designed to facilitate faster and more reliable building, testing, and releasing of software, not many companies understand the impact it will have on their existing processes.
“The real-time business environment requires a new way of doing things, one much more in tune with a digital approach. DevOps delivers on this but it is not something that can happen overnight. Instead, decision-makers need to identify the priority areas inside their organisation and embark on a phased approach,” adds van Staden.
The DevOpsDay will highlight many practical and theoretical aspects around the approach and will provide delegates with an opportunity to get a sense of its potential inside a business, irrespective of industry.
“By being involved in this DevOpsDay, we are helping grow awareness and aiding delegates improve their understanding of this environment. This is a mutually beneficial partnership and focused on establishing a community in South Africa,” says van Staden.
Tom Bamford, the organiser of the DevOpsDay, echoes this sentiment.
“As a community-run event, DevOpsDay strives to build awareness and spread lean, collaborative practises to organisations and individuals. Cape Town has a thriving technology sector, respected globally, and bringing this international event here helps bridge local specialists with their global counterparts and broaden the community. DevOpsDay is structured differently to most technical conferences and places greater emphasis on attendee involvement. It is our goal to foster ideas and discussion so that participants leave enthused and armed to empower their own workplace to deliver faster, better and do great things,” he says.
For Atlassian in South Africa, the platform that DevOpsDay will provide is instrumental in building capacity in the industry.
“We want to give delegates the practical insights they need to walk away from the event and think of a completely different way of doing business. The event is all about harnessing the power of the community. It also creates the potential to launch similar events in Johannesburg and other parts of the country,” concludes van Staden.