Fujitsu has announced the availability of its digital court recording system, Fujitsu Arconte, across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA).
The solution is already the market leader in judicial registration systems in Spain, where it has enabled more than 2,800 courtrooms in 434 courts nationwide to streamline and modernize the way they document court cases, through automatically capturing and storing recordings of proceedings.
Multilingual, secure, modular and adaptable, the Fujitsu Arconte Trial Recording System has been designed to allow courts to work more quickly, transparently, and cost-efficiently. It also ensures compliance with strict mandatory data requirements, in jurisdictions where courts are legally required to record and store legal proceedings.
Fujitsu ARCONTE enables courts to seamlessly and securely record audio-video, and to catalog, store, share and electronically distribute all the documentation generated during court hearings and trials. This significantly speeds up administrative processes. For minimal disruption and added efficiency, the solution can be easily integrated with other court applications, including case management applications.
As courts move towards paperless, electronic processing, the cloud-ready solution from Fujitsu offers a reliable, powerful audio and video recording platform to replace traditional documentation methods, while offering maximum data security and integrity. Fujitsu Arconte uses digital seals and signatures to certify recordings, helping meet compliance requirements.
Additional services to be offered include Arconte -Cloud, which helps control courtroom recordings from a central system; Arconte -IML, a digital multimedia solution for managing medical procedures governed by legal requirements, such as autopsies; Arconte –Palm for highly secure access control based on the Fujitsu biometric PalmSecure technology, and Arconte -Aurea for storing recordings in a public, private, or hybrid cloud.
Ravi Krishnamoorthi, senior vice-president: head of business applications services (BAS) at Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “Based on enormous market acceptance in Spain, where Fujitsu Arconte has grown to become the most widely-adopted court recording system, we are now making the solution available across our EMEIA region. Digital transformation is leading to the replacement of paper-based systems across all sectors, including legal proceedings.
“Fujitsu Arconte is not just about the conversion of paper-based processes into digital ones, but in delivering seamlessly integrated digital processes to enhance efficiency, throughput time and productivity for judicial systems. Digital records also help save court time in referring to previous proceedings, and because all spoken proceedings are recorded, there is no longer any question of a doubt as to what was said, when, and by whom.”