PayPal has launched its Seller Protection Programme in some sub-Saharan Africa countries, in an effort to empower local businesses to trade online, both locally and globally, with peace of mind.
PayPal’s Seller Protection Programme is designed to help protect merchants from buyer’s claims, chargeback, and reversals, so that they are better able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by eCommerce.
The programme may provide coverage to sellers against claims, chargebacks or reversals on eligible sales in two cases, subject to the relevant terms and conditions set out in PayPal Legal Agreements:
* Unauthorised transactions — when a buyer claims that they never authorised the payment for the purchase; and
* Item Not Received — when a buyer claims that he did not receive the good or service purchased.
The service is now available in South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius.
“The African continent is making immense strides in technology and e-commerce, but many are still unsure of the risks associated with selling goods and services online. The PayPal Seller Protection Programme allows merchants to trade online with greater confidence,” says Efi Dahan, GM: Middle East and Africa at PayPal.
PayPal’s Seller Protection Programme covers both tangible and intangible goods. Intangible goods include services such as flights and accommodation for travel, tickets to concerts or events, and professional services like graphic design, photography or business consulting.
The programme helps protect sellers with services such as enhanced security, 24/7 monitoring, merchant fraud prevention, dispute resolution and support for selling around the globe in 25 currencies and 200 countries.
“At PayPal, when we approach online shopping, we don’t just look at the point of purchase. We’re invested in every step of the journey,” adds Dahan. “We are pleased to be able to introduce these improved protections – as part of our work to increase trust and confidence in e-commerce”