Java Capital Holdings has been approved as an issuer agent/sponsor to 4 Africa Exchange Proprietary Limited (4AX).
4AX CEO Fay Mukaddam comments: “We are elated to have Java Capital onboard as an issuer agent on 4AX. As an independent corporate finance boutique, the firm has a wealth of experience as a sponsor and in capital requirements across all forms of debt and equity, that will certainly lend itself to the benefit of issuers listings on the 4AX Exchange.”
Java Capital provides a complete range of financial, commercial and legal advisory and transaction execution services. It is licensed as a sponsor of companies listed on the JSE and as a designated advisor to the JSE’s AltX Exchange. Becoming an approved issuer agent/sponsor to the 4AX Exchange offers Java Capital access to new markets to grow their offering to existing clients, as well as the opportunity to grow their client base further.
Mukaddam explains that fair market competition is important, as it stimulates innovation that leads to new product development and creating new channels for access.
“Java Capital is a great fit for our business. We believe that the market has a very competent stock exchange in the JSE. As one of only two exchanges in South Africa with a full license to trade across asset classes, we have taken an approach to differentiate our business from that of the JSE, both in our market offering and the potential client base that we are targeting.”
4AX aims to make financial markets more inclusive by providing a safe and licensed platform that delivers easier access and more product variety to issuers and brokers – while still affording both institutional and retail investors the protection, disclosure and transparency required within a formal exchange environment.
“Looking at where the general economy makes most of its wealth, historically and across the world, it has come from stock exchanges. We have therefore established our Exchange and business based on how we can meaningfully contribute to the development and broadening of capital markets in South Africa, and Africa,” adds Mukaddam.
“Our business aim is therefore to become a preferred alternative Exchange in the market — and our promise is to be a vehicle for change, by creating access through financial markets to drive inclusive and transformative economic growth.”