Fujitsu today launches a new reference model for its Fujitsu Integrated System PrimeFlex for High Performance Computing (HPC) solution, enabling customers to run accelerated computing on growing amounts of unstructured data by leveraging HPC infrastructures to provide High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA).
HPDA is where big data meets HPC, to run accelerated computing on data intensive workloads. Accelerated computing is no longer only applicable to HPC simulations and algorithms, but also to the e-commerce, financial and economic segments, where the availability and exploitation of unstructured data is increasing, and on-time fraud detection or retrieving on-time information is critical.
Fujitsu is providing a new PrimeFlex reference model to provide customers with low-risk access to the significant cost savings and performance benefits of HPDA, allowing them to utilize existing physical or virtual HPC infrastructure effectively for specific HPDA workloads, and scale up as their needs grow.
Unlocking the benefits of HPDA is being driven by the confluence of two technologies: Data Analytics, which reveals the value in the very large datasets that now exist in nearly all areas of business, and the increasing availability of HPC infrastructure. Building on its vast experience in Data Analytics and computer simulations, Fujitsu is now pioneering the HPDA reference models by combining these technologies as an integrated solution.
Fujitsu Integrated System PrimeFlex for HPC provides an ideal scalable solution to combine HPC and Data Analytics workloads on a single HPC infrastructure. The new reference model provides a pre-tested, integrated solution, with guidance to customers to select the ideal configuration based on the size of their dataset. This pre-validated reference model includes a complete integrated solution, which consists of compute, networking, direct attached and disaster recovery storage, cluster management software, big data application and connector, parallel file system and Fujitsu Gateway.
The new reference model for Fujitsu Integrated System PrimeFlex for HPC is now available in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. Pricing depends on the configuration of choice and scale of workload.