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Fujitsu has announces the availability of a series of new, fully refreshed Primergy and PrimeQuest servers designed for the business demands of the digital era.
Featuring the latest Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family, Fujitsu’s updated server range introduces new, state-of-the-art system designs delivering optimized performance and providing flexible configurability for a wide variety of compute, storage, networking and server management requirements.
Fujitsu’s latest server series is led by the Fujitsu PrimeQuest 3800E and PrimeQuest 3400E systems, which offer superior performance and optimized efficiency for the most demanding mission-critical environments. These systems dramatically simplify the server architecture for mission-critical computing and are delivered in an all-new 7U form factor.
The new models provide enhanced performance in a significantly smaller form factor, resulting in lower power consumption and helping to reduce the environmental footprint in a data center leading to significant cost savings.
Moreover, the mission-critical features of these systems, including advanced RAS features, enable outstanding platform reliability for maximum uptime making these servers a robust and cost effective solution for mission-critical applications including critical Unix workloads/Unix migrations as well as high-volume, high-value workloads such as online transaction processing (OLTP), batch processing, database applications and real-time analytics.
Also new are additions to the line-up of Primergy x86 servers, with the introduction of the advanced dual-socket tower powerhouse Primergy TX2550 M4 and the entry-level dual-socket rack server Primergy RX2520 M43. Both are powerful and flexible solutions for a wide range of computing applications, including the use of collaboration platforms and workloads which have intensive storage requirements.
Tailored server solutions are available for every requirement, thanks to the wide range of Fujitsu Primergy and PrimeQuest servers — from full virtualization and running mission-critical applications through to file/print. In addition to different size and form factors — with the choice of rack and tower — all Primergy M4 series servers provide customizable compute, memory, storage and networking options.
Olivier Delachapelle, Head of Data Center Category Management at Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “The digital era demands that organizations are able to provide computing solutions to specific application and workload needs — and to find a balance between over- or under-sizing.
“The fully refreshed line-up of Fujitsu x86 PrimeQuest and Primergy servers offers optimized performance, cost and flexibility for virtually any computing task, usage scenario, market segment and business requirement, helping accelerate digital transformation while keeping costs under control.”
All new Fujitsu servers provide simplified, remote server management across their entire lifecycle via the Fujitsu ServerView® Suite with the integrated Remote Management Controller iRMC S5.