A new app, KnektMe, has launched to make business networking easier in South Africa. This free solution provides business professionals with information on potentially valuable connections in close vicinity.
The app will scan for other KnektMe users in close proximity, using a device’s Bluetooth connection. The proximity-based technology is unique to KnektMe and gives users the edge when networking.
Created by 22-year-old up-and-coming entrepreneur, Carl Visagie, KnektMe facilitates start-ups looking for investors, recruiters seeking ideal job candidates, as well as general networking opportunities.
“The world’s most valuable commodity is networking. Having the right people supporting you is a key factor in whether your business makes it big or falls flat,” says Visagie. “KnektMe is not just another social networking site or directory of names, it allows you to interact with real people around you, wherever you are, and in realtime.”
Visage says that the idea behind KnektMe is to allow young entrepreneurs to locate and contact potential investors as they embark on their business journey.
Once downloaded and installed, the user-friendly interface will guide users through the necessary and easy steps to create a profile. Upon connecting to another user, both parties can see each other’s CV, skillset, job title, and a range of other general information.
“In order to maximise efficiency, we have created an app that is incredibly easy for users to start networking,” adds Visage.
This ease-of-use functionality and robust information system eliminates the need for users to engage unnecessarily at events. Instead of constantly asking “So, what do you do?” entrepreneurs are able to isolate the individuals they would like to connect with.
“Our aim is to build a massive network of people who are actively seeking other like-minded individuals. This will, in turn, help the South African economy to grow.”
Apart from user-to-user networking, the app is beneficial to high foot-traffic areas, such as restaurants, convention centres, and airports by providing analytics on social traffic on KnektMe users.
The KnektMe app may also be used by emergency services to locate individuals in a large crowd or a building. Its proximity-based functionality allows emergency services to cut out crucial time in locating the person.
KnektMe is available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices.