ZTE, together with Japanese telco SoftBank and Wireless City Planning, successfully verified the 24-stream space division multiplexing technology by using pre-standard 5G TDD massive MIMO technology on a commercial network in Nagasaki, Japan.
In this verification test, 24 terminals downloaded FTP data simultaneously at a rate of 956Mbps on a 20MhZ channel.
This is the first test in a commercial network after ZTE’s Pre5G TDD massive MIMO achieved the rate of 1,1Gbps in a 24-stream field test in Shenzhen, China.
Meanwhile, ZTE and SoftBank have started a strategic partnership in the smart life project, which is an important strategic project of ZTE for post-4G networks.
In this project, ZTE planned and discussed product solutions with operators, and verified solutions under different application scenarios for several fields in the industry.