Today’s enterprises need an extremely high level of performance and dependability to run their most critical applications, such as databases and ERP systems. These are applications that simply cannot go down — the potential for catastrophic consequences is too high. As a result, they must run on the most secure and reliable operating system and infrastructure available.
IBM Power, an open standards-based enterprise-class IT infrastructure, provides the high performance, availability and security required by modern organisations. Ten out of the world’s top 10 banks and telecommunication companies; eight out of the top 10 retailers and insurers in the world; run their operations on the IBM Power AIX platform.
Not only is IBM Power a highly secure, scalable and robust infrastructure, it can perform on either UNIX (AIX) or Linux. This flexibility of choice has now been further enhanced.
EOH’s IBM and Cloud Services divisions have partnered to enable IBM Power AIX in the cloud. The combination of skills, expertise and infrastructure provided by EOH makes this offering unique in the country.
“AIX is used by enterprises across all industries and sectors. Organisations run AIX because of the high levels of performance and reliability the operating system provides to business-critical applications, and many are planning on maintaining — or even increasing — their investment in AIX. However, while AIX remains a reliable platform, companies can derive significant benefits from leveraging it in a cloud computing model. This is why we have created a solution that allows AIX users to accelerate their cloud strategies,” says Keith Lyon, MD of the IBM division at EOH.
Richard Vester, group executive at the cloud services division of EOH, explains that the platform and the infrastructure can now sit anywhere; on-premise, off-premise, or a hybrid combination. “This not only allows customers to scale the AIX environment up or down on demand, but opens up more application choice.”
The EOH IBM Power AIX solution enables applications to be migrated to the cloud without having to be rewritten, allowing customers to maintain the stability of their applications. Applications or infrastructure can be moved in stages, so businesses can adjust to changing requirements and scale to handle ever-expanding workloads without adding complexity. “This is particularly useful for the development and testing side of things, and in accelerating application delivery cycles,” Vester adds.
“Providing IBM Power in the cloud also allows us to help customers operating in X86 environments to form a strategy that will ensure better stability, availability, and higher performance. Linux is increasingly being viewed as the main open source platform for the cloud, and companies wanting to migrate from legacy systems can offload certain — or all — workloads to the cloud to give them room to decide where their strategy will take them in the future,” Vester says.
The EOH IBM Power solution is also available through EOH’s CloudBolt; a fully managed, agnostic, secure platform that provides a single pane of glass through which companies can provision and manage all of their cloud services. “Now organisations truly have the best of all worlds: A managed, highly secure, yet flexible, environment — be it Linux or UNIX; public, private or hybrid — in an OPEX model,” Vester says.