One only has to look at the slew of breaches that have been reported in the last few years to understand that one mistake can cost millions of customers their privacy and bring global consumer trust to an all-time low. This is why having incident response measures in place can mean the difference between a company surviving a breach, or going out of business.
Incidents are our first sign that there is a problem, and are often precursors to a really catastrophic event, says Lauren Wain, GM at Credence Security. “This is why if they’re not dealt with appropriately, the results can be disastrous. When an incident takes place, it means something anomalous has happened, and it needs to be analysed and prioritised, to establish the best course of action.”
She says this is where solutions such as the Demisto Security Operations Platform comes in. “Demisto’s products show true next-generation innovation in the cyber security arena. Demisto offers the first comprehensive incident management platform that brings truly integrated threat intelligence.”
According to Wain, the solutions allow customers to integrate leading threat feeds with Demisto to manage indicators and automate threat hunting operations, dramatically lowering the risk of exposure, and saving the company time.
The Demisto platform is truly comprehensive, she says, offering automation playbooks, more than 140 product integrations, incident case management, threat feed aggregation and incident correlation, and “Demisto Insights”, a unique machine learning tool to help analysts determine best next steps during an investigation.
Wain says Demisto stands out from its competitors as it has moved beyond incident response to true threat management. “Take for example Demisto Enterprise’s intelligent automation, which is powered by a security chatbot called DBot. The bot enables analysts to share insights and data, as well as to take actions on their behalf, getting real results. It collates and captures all investigation data so teams can resolve the newest and most complicated threats in previously unheard of times.”
There’s no doubt Demisto offers unprecedented insight and resolution into complex incidents, she adds. “The company offers the industry’s first comprehensive Security Operations Platform that helps SOC teams to automate alert triage via playbooks and hundreds of security actions, and track and manage incidents consistently and efficiently. It also enables teams to automate threat feed correlation and hunting, and interactively investigate and collaborate in real-time using ChatOps.”