Intact Software Distribution has won South African distribution rights to F-Secure SENSE, the one device that secures every internet-connected thing in consumers’ homes. SENSE combines a secure Wi-Fi router with an advanced security application and cloud protection to fill in the missing piece that modern homes need to secure connected devices, PCs and appliances.
“Almost conceivable ‘smart’ function in your home — from heating to cooling to security to entertainment — connects to the internet to make our lives easier,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact Software Distribution. “However, being smart also means being vulnerable. Each new device or appliance that is connected in our homes is a potential vulnerability waiting to be accessed by cyber criminals.”
Gartner predicts that by the end of the year, there will be some 5.2 billion connected things, a number that is set to double by 2020. As these devices gain access to our most intimate aspects of life, IoT manufacturers simply aren’t proritizing security.
“You’d think they’d have learned from the mistakes the PC industry made decades ago. Clearly not with millions of connected devices running outdated, unpatached software that may never be updated” says Campbell-Young. “The adoption of IoT devices is growing exponentially, and along with this, the slew of threats. This is why SENSE offers full protection for the smart home, by combining three breakthrough technologies.”
* The SENSE router replaces all internet security products in a connected home to protect everything from desktop computers to phones to smart TVs to baby monitors against viruses and hackers
* The SENSE advanced security app manages the SENSE network, offering additional security features that provide protection on the go that vary by platform
* The SENSE cloud utilizes cutting edge artificial intelligence to sense the traffic of connected home devices and to protect against IoT threats and hacking
Offering a combination of award-winning endpoint protection, network-based security and a cyber security-ready router hardened against hacking – something that most traditional Wi-Fi routers simply don’t have — SENSE gives a single, seamless solution that provides the security that most connected homes are lacking.
“Many of our customers are already looking for ways to secure the smart home, and F-Secure is uniquely positioned to help them meet this challenge,” says Campbell-Young. ” SENSE is an ideal addition to the Intact stable, and one more best-in-class solution for us to bring to our customers.”