Specialist cyber security distributor, Credence Security, has announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Demisto, an innovator in security operations technology. The agreement will see Credence distributing Demisto’s full range of solutions, allowing customers to orchestrate incident response across myriad security products, saving both time and resources.
Lauren Wain, GM at Credence, says Demisto assists security operations centres to improve efficiency, incident response times and processes. Demisto Enterprise is a combination of security orchestration, collaboration and threat management to reduce manual work and provide decision support for SOC analysts.
She adds that Demisto’s Security Operations Platform learns from the actions analysts take to resolve incidents, which helps to optimise future incident response. “Demisto’s machine learning-based technology assists analysts during an investigation by suggesting the best methods to resolve an incident. This sort of machine learning technology is a first for the security industry, because a solution is learning from the experts instead of depending only on past historical security data.”
Wain says that there is a dearth of skilled incident response analysts, and this is negatively affecting the security industry. “Although automation can help analysts reduce manual work, companies have to be able to learn from experienced analysts if they hope to educate and train younger analysts to solve problems more quickly. This is what Demisto brings – the most comprehensive platform that features pre-built automation playbooks, over a hundred integrations, incident case management, threat feed aggregation and correlation with incidents. The addition of machine learning significantly improves analysts’ productivity too.”
Demisto allows enterprises to integrate leading threat feeds with its platform, to manage indicators and automate threat-hunting operations, saving time and significantly lowering any risk of exposure. It also offers a comprehensive security operations platform with automation playbooks, over100 product integrations, incident case management, and threat feed aggregation.
“Demisto’s solutions are a complementary addition to the ever-growing range of security solutions that Credence offers its clients. These solutions give our customers the peace of mind that any security investments will be best-in-class, and will be supported by a network of Credence experts,” Wain says.
According to [Demisto spokesperson], Credence is perfectly placed to grow its brand and bring its solutions to the market. “Credence understands that an element of automation is critical for security teams who today face a burgeoning number of threats that are increasingly complex and sophisticated. We look for partners with a deep understanding of today’s threats, who offer comprehensive solutions to bring their customers peace of mind, and Credence is exactly that.”