Metrofile Holdings will set up the Digital Company as part of its ongoing digital transformation.
“Building on our successful traditional business of integrated information and records management, our customers are looking for digital services to give them a competitive edge in their respective industries,” says Chris Seabrooke,, group chairman at Metrofile Holdings.
Until now, Metrofile customers have had to seek alternatives for digital solutions requirements. With the rapid pace of innovation in the technology sector, the opportunity to drive additional customer value through digital offerings has never been more opportune, and Metrofile believes this practice moves its offerings from the back office to directly servicing its customers at the core of their business.
The Digital Company will launch early in 2018, and Metrofile has attracted senior technology leaders who will lead and grow the new digital business.
“The time has never been better for us to extend our reach into our customer base,” says Pfungwa Serima, group CEO of Metrofile Holdings. “Many of our existing offers lend themselves perfectly into a digital asset.
“Among the basic opportunities to provide digital site recovery, data archiving, backup management and security, we also see the opportunity to provide world-leading cloud-based solutions to our customers around artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, big data and IoT.
“We certainly believe that this will add incremental value to our customers and shareholders alike.”