Dr Sean Armstrong, the inventor of the Uniclick syringe, has seen positive results from his participation in the Cell C reality show Hangman.
He was contacted this week, via the Cell C Reality app, by medical supply company Imvula.
“I was very, very excited. It brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been pushing this product and then to get a call from someone who shares my focus and my vision to add value and save lives,” says Dr Armstrong.
This contact resulted in a deal being struck between the company and the inventor — making him the first contestant to ace the weeks’ task “Make a Deal”.
“Our goal with Hangman was twofold: first, to provide an entertaining and interactive viewing experience where South Africans could immerse themselves into the action of the show; and second, as a proudly South African company, we wanted to build a platform for local inventors to showcase their world-class ideas and turn them into a flourishing business,” says Surie Ramasary, Cell C chief executive: content. “This, I believe, we have achieved.”
Christo Rossouw who invented the energy saving lampellant mosquito repellant which fits over a light bulb, also scored big this week by striking a potentially lucrative distribution agreement with Fever Tree who supply retail giants Mass Mart, Pick ‘n Pay and Spar.
“To me it means no more worrying about bills, I can give my family everything that they deserve and be able to live my dream of being an innovator,” says Rossouw.
The other medical innovator in the show, Dr Bonex Mwakikunga, whose electronic breathalyser for detecting sugar levels in diabetics, also managed to clinch some significant deals during the week.
“I have had very good agreements, some cash promised and some support. Dischem have also promised to open up their distribution channels. For me it’s been an eye opener,” says Dr Mwakikunga.
“The idea behind the show was always to create sustainable businesses,” says executive producer Odette Schwegler. “The dream was always when the cameras stop rolling that we would leave a legacy of viable businesses driven by landscape changing innovation. It’s been humbling to see it unfold as it has.”
In a nail biting backer deliberation on the gallows Reel Gardening innovator, Claire Reid was dropped this week. Although she entered to win and she’s disappointed with the outcome — she says being on the show has been life changing.
“The Claire that arrived on set was a self-conscious introverted Claire that micro managed. Being here has taught me to let go, to work on the business and not in the business,” she said her exit interview.
“Now it’s back to business as usual, but with a different lens and a different Claire which is great.”
Hangman airs on e.tv on Sundays at 11h50 with a repeat broadcast on Saturdays at 13h00. It also broadcasts on eExtra on Wednesdays at 19h30 with a repeat on Thursdays at 10h00.
The full Hangman series is also available on newly launched entertainment and content platform, black.