Econz Wireless Econz Wireless, a leading time and attendance and employee tracking solutions provider, has announced the addition of a new Desk Time report to their Timecard GPS mobile solution.
As a sales or field service manager, especially if you personally are also mobile, you want to know how much time individuals spend either in the office, or in one location. Sales managers in particular are happy when the sales team’s desks are empty as it indicates they are all out doing their jobs … you hope.
“We have added a new report that will show you how much “desk time” a user has had. By this, we mean the time with their phone showing zero acceleration from the accelerometer, or pretty much no movement detected, just like when the phone is left on top of a desk,” says Thomas Marshall, Econz South Africa national sales director.
Companies are now able to setup how much time should be considered as Desk Time, setting the option “Tolerance for Desk Time report” for the team. You choose the time limit for no movement, based on your experience with your own staff.
The Timecard GPS app then is ready to track movement and as soon as the device hasn’t detected any movement after, say 900 seconds — equal to 15 minutes, desk time will start being accumulated until the app detects movement.
It will show you the start and stop times and a total for each “Desk Time” period, according to the time setup.
The benefits include:
* Checking if the employee is asleep, at a desk for too long, ill, and other safety aspects
* At a long lunch/restaurant — preventing time theft. Managers will know the exact location of the employee within 50m
* Checks if staff leave their phones at a site to ‘steal’ time
* Checks Productivity — number of stops and where
* Improving customer relationships
Marshall says: “Our customers in the sales, field service and security sectors asked for this feature. As usual, this update is free to contracted users and may be downloaded immediately.”