In a Black Friday that saw the spike in volumes challenge many e-commerce companies, payment services provider PayU facilitated an increase of around 8,5-times the transaction volumes from last year and experienced 0% downtime across all of its system components.
“Despite the massive increase in transaction volumes for our South African merchants, our platform remained fully operational for the duration of Black Friday as well as the weekend that followed,” says Karen Nadasen, PayU South Africa CEO. “Active monitoring and routing contributed to the increased success rate of transactions processed during the day and alleviated some of the issues of last year.”
The company also hit a new platform high for the amount of successful transactions processed, both per second and per hour, in the 18:00 to 19:00 slot on Friday evening.
“We exceeded the total number of successful payments processed for Black Friday this year, compared to last year, at just after 14:00 on Friday and are extremely happy with this result, as a lot of planning and pre-emptive support was put in place long before the actual trading day,” says Nadasen.