General Electric Steam Power Systems has received a Final Acceptance Certificate from Eskom for the successful testing and transitioning of Medupi Power Station Unit 4.
Upon completion, the power station will produce a total of 4800MW and will be sufficient to meet the electricity needs of 3,5-million households in the country.
Unit 4 will be the third of six units to be transferred to commercial operation marking the half way point of completing the project.
Once completed in 2020, Medupi will be the fourth-largest coal-fired power plant in the world and the largest in Africa.
GE’s scope includes 6 full EPC turbine islands, air cooled condensers, and overall project and construction management.
“Our team has been working with Eskom on the Medupi Power Plant since 2007 and our collaboration has achieved significant progress with more than just power supply in South Africa,” says Douglas Beigley, project director of Medupi Power station. “We have invested over R1-billion to empower local businesses and trained over 300 students on technical and engineering skills.”