A majority of connected road warriors1 (69%) admit to always bringing their mobile computing device on vacation, and nearly one in three (32%) indicate it makes them nervous to travel without it.
A new Intel survey conducted by YouGov reveals that road warriors demand strong performance and have high expectations for consistent, reliable and accessible connectivity.
The pet peeve that road warriors named are the fact that slow equals painful. Seven out of 10 respondents (71%) get frustrated by lagging internet performance and poor connectivity speed. And over half (55%) admit that the inability to quickly load pages (emails, web pages, etc) is a top computing-while-traveling pet peeve.
There are some strange behaviours exhibited as well. Eight in 10 (81%) report they have connected to the internet in an unusual spot. Restaurants (60%) are the most-commonly reported location, while nearly four in 10 share they have connected in a parking lot. Others report connecting at a park, beach, bar, the side of the road or at a rest stop.
Nearly two in three road warriors (65%) admit doing something extreme in order to connect their mobile computing device to the internet.
Favourite activities are e-mail and entertainment, with email on top (90%) when connecting on the go. Entertainment is also popular: more than half (53%) say they mainly connect for entertainment like streaming and gaming.
Battery life is not so important: fewer than one in five (18%) share concerns about their mobile computing device’s battery being low while on the go. And only one in 10 road warriors (10%) have rushed to an outlet to charge their device to stay connected.
More than half (55%) say not paying for a connection or paying a reasonable fee for WiFi is important when connecting on the go. A little over a quarter (26%) say they would be willing to pay for a short window of WiFi service.