MTN Music+ has partnered with hip-hop artist Nasty C for his IvySon Tour, which kicked off in Cape Town in September.
Nasty C, affectionately known by his hordes of fans as Jigga Jigga, has already informed his fans about his plans to take the tour as far as Nigeria in a move that will expand his fan base in Africa’s most populous country.
He is signed to label Mabala Noise Entertainment who are also responsible for the recent Migos Tour.
Jacqui O’Sullivan, executive for corporate affairs at MTN South Africa, comments: “MTN is delighted to partner with Nasty C as it’s a great opportunity for us to profile yet another exceptionally talent South African artist. MTN has always been about local music and we are proud to host talent like Nasty C on our MTN Music+ platform which is fast becoming one of the biggest online music retailers on the continent.”
Customers who can’t make it to the concert can download and stream Nasty C’s caller ring back tones, caller tunez, full tracks and true tones from MTN Music+, all of which is made possible through the seamless connectivity of Bozza network.
To download Nasty C’s latest ‘Dance’ song on MTN Music+ dial *123*131#.