Volume sales of PC workstations through Western Europe’s largest IT distributors continued to rise in early Q4 2017, increasing +8% year-on-year.
This continues the growth already seen in previous quarters, according to data published by European IT market research company Context.
In October, combined sales of notebook and desktop workstations were up by +8% year-on-year after a rise of +7% in the third quarter and +10% in Q2 2017.
While Q2 and Q3 2017 saw increased sales in both the Notebook and Desktop segments, growth in early Q4 was driven by sales of notebook workstations, which were up by +29% and more than able to offset the flat performance of stationary models.
All of the top three vendors in Western European distribution were able to leverage the rising demand for mobile workstations in October.
For number one vendor HP, sales increased by +32% year-on-year from a strong base; Lenovo sold 21% more notebook workstations; and Dell saw volume sales rise by +64%, albeit from a small base.
“Sales of workstations have improved during 2017 as a result of several factors,” says Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context. “These include product refreshes, the general shift to higher-end products in the PC mix, PC vendors’ increased focus on the segment, and the overall shift from desk bound to mobile devices.”