Africa’s first hyperscale data centre, Teraco’s JB2-Bredell, will be completed by the end of 2017 — just one year after the build started.
The Bredell Hyperscale Data Centre Facility located in Bredell features over 24 MW of power and 6000m² of technical deployment space and is the largest commercial data centre in operation in Africa.
Gys Geyser, head of infrastructure development at Teraco, says that the build has not only been the first of its kind, but done in record time.
“This is another Teraco first as we broke the mould of traditional brick and mortar buildings, and opted for a warehouse-type build instead.”
He says that Teraco designed the facility incorporating different elements of tiering solutions and industry best practices to ensure concurrent maintainability, with added enhancements to cover different levels of fault tolerance.
“We were able to double the power and cooling capacity, using similar mission critical footprints gained from previous deployments.”
Bredell is the fourth facility built by Teraco, which also has locations in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg (Isando). Current power provision totals 50MW with over 18 000m2 of white space.